The North


The Northern continent of the Dreamlands is mostly a cold, fairly barren place. The centres of civilisation on this bleak landmass cling to its Southern coast – the city of Inquanok and the ruined city-state of Sarkomand, forming trade routes with the rest of the more-welcoming Dreamlands to the South across the Cerenarian sea.

The human spirit endures though, and there are towns and villages dotted around the plains and mountains of the Northern Continent, though they tend to be situated in the southern reaches, and around Inquanok.

Dominating the centre of the continent is the hideous and oft-whispered-of-in-hushed-tones large Plateau of Leng, where most men fear to tread.

Further to the North is the Cold Waste – mountains that eventually lead to Kadath, the fortress mountain where the Great Ones – the civilised gods of the Dreamlands – are said to live.
Apparently the fortress was built with oynx from The Giants’ Quarry, which is situated on more-accessible lands to the south.

Far to the West is the land of Lomar – a pocket region dreamed into existence rather than formed naturally.

Far to the East are the Unknown Lands.

The North

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