The Great Library of the Dreamlands

The Great Library is a repository for all of the knowledge of the Dreamlands, and everything that the Dreamlands knows about other places too.

The vast collection is said to house books from civilisations that have fallen thousands of years ago, grimoires of wizards’ spells, accounts of travels to other realms, eldritch tomes, memoirs, letters, maps and even the odd artefact too.

The library defies logic in that it has entrances in different major cities dotted across the whole of the dreamlands. Whether this means it can be used as a way to quickly travel the length of a continent in the blink of an eye has yet to be proved.

Nodar is the deputy librarian there.

Our brave adventurers first entered the Great Library through the grand portico of its branch in Inquanok.

The Great Library of the Dreamlands

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