The Dreamlands


Earth’s Dreamlands are the fantastic realm we’re concerned with. Formed either from the dreams of the Earthly peoples, or as a secret land they enter when they sleep.

Some features of the Dreamlands seem to have been there forever, other places have been brought into existence through the sleeping dreams of individuals, groups and entire cultures and civilisations in the Waking World. For this reason there are some parallels with the Waking World that stick out amongst the Fantastic Realms and Unknown Lands.

Not all is as Earthly as you would think though. Distance can be a very malleable thing in the realms of dream; passageways to and from the Underworld of the Dreamlands seem to defy logic in their geographic placement and length. There are even said to be entryways to the Waking World scattered around the lands of Dream, the resulting locations of which would baffle any Earthly cartographer. Two journeys from one part of the surface of the Dreamlands to another can vary in their time to undertake, even though they might be of a comparable distance. To map the Dreamlands is a small folly, before the ink has dried on your map, you can rely on the fact that the terrain will have changed slightly.
Furthermore, nobody is sure if the Dreamlands themselves are flat, or a globe shape. They are part of a cosmology of sorts though; stars, planets and chiefly the Moon.

Time is an even more unreliable measurement in the lands of Dream; there are places – and sometime entire regions – where this is an alien concept. Some areas are timeless idylls. In other places time flows so slowly as to hardly matter at all. Similar to a dream, time seems to fit around the landscape as the landscape and people desire.

For our bold party of adventurers, their exploits started on the The Northern Continent of the lands of Dream.
Below this, the Western and Eastern continents meet.

Here’s a link to this campaign wiki’s rough map of the Dreamlands, for reference.

The Dreamlands

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