A large city located on the Southern coast of the Northern continent, that chiefly exports oynx from quarries and mines outside the city to the rest of the Dreamlands by sea. The port and harbours are on the shoreline about a mile south of the city, and the city itself stands on its own on a plain, behind a circular, black oynx wall. It is large enough to boast all kinds of residents, and has an artisans’ and a mechants’ quarter.

It is ruled over by The Veiled King, who has a palace boasting a great translucent dome, situated on a rise in the middle of the city. Also set in a series of gardens in the centre of the city is The Temple of the Elder Ones, a sixteen-sided round building with sixteen spires, sixteen gates and an orbit of sixteen lodge-houses facing the gates. According to Enver the Farmer, hooded acolytes process around these environs in a most queer fashion.

Inquanok isn’t a monotheistic city however, and shrines to various Great Ones can be found in the city, mostly near the Great Southern Gate, for the benefit of visiting sea-farers.

Apparently the law and civil donduct is taken very seriously here, and offenders who breach their rules are theatrically “cast bereft into the barren North” by the city’s black-garbed guards.


Rough map of the city for visiting sailors available from ‘Squinty’ Shappar’s stall on Ink Street on the Eastern side of the Oynx Thoroughfare, just West of the pleasure district.


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