Tag: PC


  • Justin

    Can usually be found in the thick of the fray of combat, or passed out on a tavern floor. Latterly comes to see there's more to life than dukin' 'n' drinkin' and comes to worship the [[The Great Ones | The Great One]] Nodens, Lord of the Hunt.

  • Untitled No.57

    Made to be so beautiful, he hypnotises all who see him. He then hits some of them with a big hammer and un-makes them.

  • Loic Sadiq

    Cleric-errant Loic is a loyal devotee of the [[The Great Ones | Great One]] goddess [[Astarte | Astarte]].

  • Kelek

    Spells are slung, illusions are cast, likenesses are taken on, arcane helpers are summoned; firey spiders and ghostly, rubbery little humanoids full of voilence. Do all magic-users seem to bend reality this much?

  • Orla

    Pulled through space by arcane technology, this diminutive sprite's magical powers soon benefit the whole party. She's not sure she approves of any of them or her new surroundings though.

  • Pfiista

    Mostly unknown to the rest of our heroes during their adventures as she tends to remain magically invisible.