Delving in The Dreamlands

Session 1
Road Rage

Our thrilling adventures open in the cold and barren North of The Dreamlands, under the leaden sky on the stony plains somewhere near the city of Inquanok.
A group of adventurers wake up to find themselves prisoners of a bunch of unsavoury bandit types; chained up and locked in a cage on the back of a plodding cart.

The Half-Giant, a Living Construct, a Human and… Another Human resolve to escape and set about breaking their bonds. The human cleric Content Not Found: lioc prays for divine aid and Justin the half-giant’s natural strength soon rents the cart asunder. The dirty captors try and put down the resistance, but a black shape darts out of the cloudy sky and carries one of them away! The entire cart overturns, smashing its weapon locker and spilling out its contents.
The freed companions arm themselves once more and battle is joined, ‘Untitled #57’ the living construct slicing one in two, and Justin impaling another bandit on the pieces of broken cage he’s still chained to. The last bandit levels a crossbow at the party and draws a bead on them, only to suddenly find himself being carried screaming up into the sky by another darting, black, winged shape!

The tussle over, their spoils are a few weapons, a handful of gold coins and a hide bag of large, uneven, dark red gemstones.
While the fighting’s been raging, mists have descended upon the plain, it’s getting dark, and a fine rain has started falling. The newly-formed party resolve to pick up some firewood from the cart (now that’s all it’s good for) and head for the shelter of the rocky outcrops on the low hills nearby…


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