Delving in The Dreamlands

Undeterred by finding themselves underground in the sleeping quarters of a strange new race of Small red creatures who seem to be dedicated to killing them, the party resolve to press on further in the network of dark tunnels!

Pulling back the scrap of sharkskin-like material covering the doorway, the adventurers happen upon a kind of master bedroom, complete with an occupant! Loic Sadiq decides the that sleepy targets could be the most suseptible to the power of suggestion and calls for the creature – larger than the others encountered so far – rousing itself from the pile of straw in the centre of the room to recognise the authority of Astarte and be at peace. The creature is obviously quite grumpy and takes one look at the assorted interlopers in its bedchamber and reaches for a weapon! Snarling, it launches itself at the group!
A spear and war hammer blow later, it falls to the ground, wrapped in a sleep it won’t ever be waking from. It has treasure though! Untitled No.57‘s advanced programming routines eventually work out how to open a box at the back of the room and is rewarded with small shiny gold discs! (They don’t serve much material purpose though, he thinks. Perhaps a hole could be drilled in the middle of them and they could be used as washers the next time he repairs himself..?)

Making their way further down a passageway, another entrance way another cavern is found – this one has a floor blanketed in small glowing mushrooms – and some guards patrolling. The group advances in the gloom in what passes for a stealthy fashion. Loic steps out of the shadows and holds high his shield emblazoned with the Elder Sign and appeals to the creatures to give themselves up to the truth of Astarte. Terrified and outnumbered, the creatures chitter startled oaths in their own alien tongue and Loic‘s ear picks up a word in Aklo – the profane language used by followers of the dark gods to inscribe messages on their temples – something, about a “sphere” or “spheres”!
Backed up against a cavern wall, and surrounded by the curious party, the creatures finally snap and lash out! They have to be defeated! The party’s spellcaster summons a fireball creature which quickly latches onto the nearest attacker and sets it aflame. He then casts an illusion to blanket the air of the area, to prevent the ringing of combat from travelling through the nearby tunnels. A spear cast at the remaining creature from Loic results in a skewered meat ‘n’ mushroom kebab.

In one corner of the cavern is some kind of apparatus for processing the glowing mushrooms into the gel-like liquid in flasks the party had encountered previously. A few flasks of the stuff sit around and the party avail themselves of the healing mixture.
Muggerscum avails himself of a snack of pre-barbcued red creature meat.

Moving on, a light in the passageway reveals a strange kind of sculpture or shrine… Spheres and rings made of the strange gold-silver, textured metal unique to these creatures stand in a pattern on top of a stone plinth with votive offerings of trinkets laid at its foot. Some kind of lightbulb element hangs from the ceiling, illuminating the scene.

Loic takes in the sight and his Cleric sense starts tingling; he feels he can detect the aura of The Outer Gods surrounding this structure! Disgusted, he sets about taking down the construction – the rest of the party join in and crashes and bangs resound around the cavern. Justin uses his half-giant strength to push the structure from the plinth. The spellcaster brings gouts of flame to the task and the shrine clatters and melts to the cavern floor in pieces!

But if only their ordeal in the dark tunnels could be mastered so easily…



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