H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands: awash with high adventure and unspeakable horror!


This is a little campaign page for our game, it’s not required reading and I’m trying to try and keep it small, short and sweet… And manageable! It’s just good to have a record of some kind.

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For flavour, you can listen to a public domain audiobook of Lovecraft’s ‘Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadathhere, or read a text version here. There’s also a nice overview of the novella here.
We’re playing using DWD StudiosBarebones Fantasy system, and their Flesh and Blood races supplement. The setting and flavour is from mostly from H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands: Roleplaying Beyond the Wall of Sleep and ‘The Dreaming Stone’ by Chaosium, and there’s a tiny little bit of Goblinoid GamesRealms of Crawling Chaos supplement for getting Lovecraft into Basic DnD in there too.
Special mention must also go to the ‘Dreams of Freeport’ material by Tim Emrick, for his adapting of the Dreamlands into DnD Third Edition.
Even more special mention must go to this Lore of The Dreamlands article from Live Action Role Play group Live Effects, altered and styled to match their game.
Yet another even more special mention must go to ‘The Sense of the Slight-of-Hand Man’ by Dennis Detwiller from Arc Dream Publishing, for being a dreamlands game for Call of Cthulhu that gets so much so right.
Lovecraft fan beware: Some things in this campaign have been shuffled around from canon ever so slightly to make them work better in a simple table-top game. This is only done out of pure love for the source material, to make sure it translates otherwise.

Delving in The Dreamlands

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